Aemula Gladios

Aemula Gladios

Character Information
Full name Aemula Diluculo Gladios
Katakana アエムラ・ディルクロ・グラディオス
Romaji Aemura Dirukuro Guradiosu
Gender Male
Age 18*
Species Human
Hair color Dirty blonde
Eye color Brown
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Kingdom Edentao
Weapon Sword
Known Relationships
Father Sordes Gladios
Mother Foena Vallis
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Book Information
Role Antagonist
Appearances Dawn of a New Genesis

Aemula Gladios (アエムラ・グラディオス Aemura Guradiosu?) is the childhood friend and rival of Salutari Nocte. He later becomes the apprentice of Insidiosus Delictum.

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