Annie Horrifica

Annabeth Horrifica (アンナベス・ホリフィカ Annabesu Horifika?) is a member of the Mistresses of Doom. She became the Miss Doomis' second in command when she took command of the Mistresses of Doom following Captain Ranz de la Punition's disappearance. While Punition commanded the Mistresses of Doom, Horrifica was imprisoned in a dungeon in Hope Castle with her fellow comrade, Villiore. Later, with the help of Wolfgang the Terrible, Horrifica and Villiore escaped and were recruited by Wolfgang to enter the Tribe of Darkness. Much later, during the Kalisian War, Horrifica and Miss Doomis were the only Mistresses of Doom that survived the Kalise Castle explosion. Eventually, during Diablo's War, Horrifica fought Vice Captain George and was consequently killed by him.