Antonius Efestus (アントニウス・エフェストゥス Antoniusu Efesutusu?) is the Elemental Sage of Fire and the king of Razen 1000 years ago. He is the husband of Fira Efestus, father to Ignisiterra Efestus, and ancestor of Pico Canicus. After discovering that his daughter was associating with Darkness, he later becomes one of King Anthony's allies when the King is sent 1000 years into the past. He later seals the Fire Millennium Gummy in a majestic chamber built in the Cannibal Volcano. However, after he seals it in there, Jadus Destros seals Antonius in the chamber and destroys the chamber with the power of Darkness, killing Antonius and destroying the chamber.

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