Cacciaguida san Sone

Cacciaguida san Sone

Cacciaguida san Sone (Knights)

Cacciaguida san Sone (Armor)

Character Information
Full name Cacciaguida Gol san Sone
Katakana カッチャグイダ・ゴール・サン・ソネ
Romaji Katchaguida Gōru san Sone
Gender Male
Age 17*
Species Human
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Alias Loki
Kingdom Kalise
Weapon Sword
Known Relationships
Father Cillianus san Sone
Mother Rema Rustigielo
Partner Magnolia Puchi
Freyjette Ísvaengi
Siblings Jaufre san Sone
Tituba san Sone
Children Apollo san Sone
Artemis san Sone
Edda Lokisdóttir
Family {{{family}}}
Others Guergal san Sone*
Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances A Hollow Retribution
In Between: the Anthology
Fate's Awakening
Book of Dreams
The Covenant
Rebellion: Lost

Cacciaguida san Sone (カッチャグイダ・サン・ソネ Katchaguida san Sone?)


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