Captain Kamikaze

Mykhail Sprengstoff (ミクハイル・シュプレングシュトッフ Mikuhairu Shupurengushutoffu?), also known as Captain Kamikaze (キャプテン・カミカゼ Kyaputen Kamikaze?), is a member of the Tribe of Darkness. Mykhail worked with explosives and created the "Megalobomb", which was a very strong explosive. Because of his bomb's power, he took the name of his childhood super-hero alter ego, Captain Kamikaze, despite not having to do with planes. Kamikaze later joined the Tribe of Darkness. Much later, during the Kalisian War, Kamikaze lost his loife when he used his new invention, the Ultra-Megalobomb, in battle, which also killed Koko.

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