Christopher Gaillard

Christopher Gaillard (General)

Christopher Gaillard (Ensign)

Christopher Gaillard (Dragon General)


Dragonbane (Wounded)

Dragonbane (Unmasked)

Character Information
Full name Christopher Eric Gaillard
Katakana クリストファー・エリック・ガイヤール
Romaji Kurisutofā Erikku Gaiyāru
Gender Male
Age 16*
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Alias Dragonbane
Kingdom Hope
Weapon Sword, staff*
Known Relationships
Father Martin Gaillard
Mother Bianca Englafrisca
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Siblings Lars Gaillard
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Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances Kingdom of Hope
The Comeback
Children of Death
General Christopher Gaillard (クリストファー・ガイヤール Kurisutofā Gaiyāru?) is one of King Anthony's soldiers. He took Colonel Dimentia's place after she was banished. Christopher was once a poor peasent who knew a young kid named Marc. After being taught in the Way of the Sword by a man named Esau Ciske, he becomes very powerful and seeks out the man known as Tyrant Jess. However, Christopher ends up losing his Verdelian powers at the hands of Magnus Gundol who tells Christopher that the ways of the Humani should not be passed down to humans. Powerless and poor, Christopher wandered around and decided to train to become as strong as he previously was. He also made two swords that could combine to make a samurai slicer. One day, he met King Anthony who gave him a seat in the Royal High Army. Christopher also helped Commander Donald defeat Destros and save King Anthony. However, on several occasions, Donald and Christopher fought each other, which resulted in Christopher being demoted to ensign. Christopher came along with King Anthony to the Kingdom of Nothing to fight the Disciple Court. During the journey, Christopher fought Pollux Madaldama, Vega Soldanaro, Eisaer Artemis, and Nexsifer Agnitio. Because of his great fighting, he got promoted back to general and was entered into the Seven Powers of Hope. Later, he helped King Anthony fight the Chernabog, gained the rank of Dragon General and gained control of Toraligora, the dragon of the Dark and Wevrenra, the dragon of the light, and fought valiantly until he died at the End of the World. After the world is rebuilt back to normal, Christopher helped King Anthony fight the Malebranche in Hell. He later fought Dante-Virgil who gained control of Toraligora. After defeating him, Dante-Virgil told Christopher that he is doomed. Later, Christopher goes missing and a villain known as Dragonbane somehow obtains his dragon staff. Later it is revealed that Dragonbane was Christopher and he was always undercover working for Demolt Destros ever since he joined King Anthony.