Concepta Owls

Character Information
Full name Concepta Hester Owls
Katakana コンセプタ・ヘスター・アウルズ
Romaji Konseputa Hesutā Auruzu
Gender Female
Age 18*
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Alias Incepta
Kingdom Hope
Weapon Lance
Known Relationships
Father Morstan Owls
Mother Henrietta Breakspear
Partner Anthony Saturnalia
Siblings {{{siblings}}}
Children Demolt Saturnalia
Luminia Saturnalia
Lilli Saturnalia
Desmond Saturnalia
Family Demolt Destros*
Maria Luminis*
Nicholas Sötz-Gjosä Soudei*
Odessa Szabados*
Axon N. Wagner*
Others Xina Malnor*
Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances Endgame
In Between: the Anthology
Fate's Awakening
Book of Dreams
Rebellion: Lost
Concepta Owls (コンセプタ・アウルズ Konseputa Auruzu?) is a Bookkeeper, wife of Anthony Saturnalia, and queen consort of Hope.