Corey Lunatis

Corey Lunatis

Character Information
Full name Corey Thierry Lunatis
Katakana コーリー・ティエリー・ルネイティス
Romaji Kōrī Tierī Runeitisu
Gender Male
Age 17*
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
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Kingdom Hope
Weapon Gun-sword
Known Relationships
Father Edward Lunatis
Mother Roberta Pallca
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Siblings Ashleigh Lunatis
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Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances The Comeback
Children of Death
Lights of Darkness
Destiny of the Light
midnight years

Corey Lunatis (コーリー・ルネイティス Kōrī Runeitisu?) is one of the Seven Powers of Hope. He is a childhood friend of Donald Riker. When King Anthony was DiZ II, he briefly saw Corey after fighting Knightmare. Soon after the world was reconstructed, Anthony encountered Corey again, who assisted battling Knightmare. Anthony finally officially met Corey when he and Donald were training together. Because Anthony admired his fighting style, he inducted Corey into the Seven Powers of Hope. He later fights Lucilius Crescentius and he has a rivalry with Kyriaki Xifos and Crey Aiber

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