The Dark insignia

Darkness is a recurring theme in the King Anthony series. It is one of the seven Elements and one of the two that make up the universe. The Darkness is the opposite of Light. Because the world of King Anthony takes place in the Dark World, Darkness is more prominent then Light. The first recording of Darkness was noted by the philosopher known as Ins'Del more than 4000 years ago. It wasn't until 500 years after Ins'Del "discovered" Darkness that the other Elements were "discovered" except for Light, which was "discovered" more than 5000 years ago by a philosopher named Enji'i. However, after the other Elements were discovered, their power was unprotected and people could easily use them wrongly, which often could end their lives and even other's lives. 1000 years before the present time, Lord-King Destati Destros' two sons, Jadus and Demolt Destros plotted to control the Darkness and make it the strongest and only Element of all. During that same era, the power of the Elements became stronger and needed to be protected so the world wouldn't be destroyed. The seer known as Amtakan contacted the kingdoms where the Element's power was the strongest and told its king or queen to select someone to be the Elemental Sage for the Element. Meanwhile, Jadus and Demolt were already making the power of Darkness stronger. Jadus himself later realized that by plunging the world into Darkness, he can reign supreme. Jadus then organized a group called Mors Umbra to assist in his goal. While that was happening, Destati chose his oldest son Degra to be the Elemental Sage for Darkness. So Degra couldn't have the complete power of Darkness, Jadus and Demolt froze Degra, his wife, his son, and even Demolt's son. After freezing their brother, Demolt and Jadus brutally injured their father to make him unable to rule Shadra. Jadus and Demolt needed to decide who would be the Elemental Sage of Darkness and who would be the king of Shadra. Jadus, in his arrogance, quickly assumed both positions and exiled Demolt. Demolt decided to take the pseudonym of "Sukiat" and join Jadus' group in an act of espionage. A while after, after all of the Millennium Gummies but Darkness were made, Darkness plagued the Earth as the strongest Element. On the night known as the Night on Bald Mountain, King Jadus greatly enhanced the power of Darkness to dangerous levels. After fighting and losing to King Anthony, the Darkness level returned to normal and Jadus, before dying, made the Dark Millennium Gummy. However, the Night on Bald Mountain left a Dark scar for the world, meaning that because Darkness had more power than the other Elements, it later "merged" with the Earth, turning it into the Dark World.