Degra Destros

Degra Destros

Character Information
Full name Degra Saturnius Destros
Katakana デグラ・サターニアス・デストロス
Romaji Degura Satāniasu Desutorosu
Gender Male
Age 32*
41 (chronologically 1041)*
54 (chronologically 1054)*
55 (chronologically 1055)*
56 (chronologically 1056)*
Species Human
Hair color Black
Eye color Red
Alias Degra Blanker
Kingdom Hope (formerly Shadra)
Weapon Sword, shield-sword
Known Relationships
Father Destati Destros
Mother Mikelina Destros
Partner Dolores Luminis
Siblings Demolt Destros
Jadus Destros
Children Christian Blanker
Family Anthony Saturnalia*
Maria Luminis*
Others {{{others}}}
Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances Kingdom of Hope
The Comeback
Children of Death
Lights of Darkness
Destiny of the Light
shadows behind.
midnight years
King Degra Destros (デグラ・デストロス Degura Desutorosu?) is the son of Lord-King Destati Destros the Awakened One, brother of Jadus and Demolt Destros, husband of Queen Dolores, father of Christian Blanker, and uncle and guardian of King Anthony. Degra lived 1000 years ago in Shadra with his wife and son. However, he, Dolores, Christian, and their nephew Anthony were frozen alive by Jadus and Demolt because he was next in line to be king and was also chosen by their father, Destati, to be the Elemetal Sages of the element of the Dark. 1000 years later, Degra, Dolores, Christian, and Anthony are unfrozen after the events of the Paxmáveiti. Three years later, Degra, Dolores, and Christian were attacked by Dark creatures and were saved by a mysterious old man who brought Degra, Dolores, and Christian to another kingdom to heal.

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