Dolus vel Lascivia

Dolus vel Lascivia

Character Information
Full name Dolus vel Lascivia
Katakana ドラス・ヴェル・ラシヴィア
Romaji Dorasu veru Rashivia
Gender Female
Age 17*
Species Discipulus
Hair color Brown
Eye color Yellow
Alias {{{alias}}}
Kingdom Kalise
Weapon Spear
Known Relationships
Father {{{father}}}
Mother {{{mother}}}
Partner {{{partner}}}
Siblings {{{siblings}}}
Children {{{children}}}
Family {{{family}}}
Others Sabrina Prentiss*
Book Information
Role Antagonist
Appearances shadows behind.
A Hollow Retribution
In Between: the Anthology

Dolus vel Lascivia (ドラス・ヴェル・ラシヴィア Dorasu veru Rashivia?) is the Discipulus of Sabrina Prentiss.

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