Donald Riker

Donald Riker (Commander)

Donald Riker (Captain Commander)

Donald Riker (Armor)

Character Information
Full name Donald David Riker
Katakana ドナルド・デイビッド・ライカー
Romaji Donarudo Deibiddo Raikā
Gender Male
Age 16*
Species Human
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown
Alias Punk
Kingdom Hope
Weapon Sword
Known Relationships
Father Lennon Riker
Mother Robyn Doran
Partner Luna Leona
Siblings Rita Riker
Children Dash Riker
Family Sapientis Janua*
Others {{{others}}}
Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances Kingdom of Hope
The Comeback
Children of Death
Lights of Darkness
Destiny of the Light
midnight years
In Between: the Anthology
Fate's Awakening
Commander Donald Riker (ドナルド・ライカー Donarudo Raikā?) is the royal advisor of King Anthony and a member of the Seven Powers of Hope.

Donald led a team to defeat Destros and return King Anthony. Later he is promoted to the title of Captain Commander. Donald is the descendant of Sapientis Janua. He was King Anthony's right hand man and risked his life for him, even going under the guise of a tribesman named Kupachu in order to infiltrate the Tribe of Darkness. His loyalty was put to task when King Anthony became Destros and Donald needed to both defeat Destros and save his friend. He composed a team and invaded Kalise to save Anthony, which he succeeded in. He later helped King Anthony fight the Disciple Court in the Kingdom of Nothing. He helped fight some of the members such as Pollux Mafaldama and Vega Soldanaro and also helped fight Eisaer Artemis and Nexsifer Agnitio, for which he was promoted to the rank of Captain Commander and is entered into the Seven Powers of Hope. He then later helps fight the Chernabog and ends up killing him. He fights bravely until his death in the End of the World.