Ella Isor (エラ・イソル Era Isoru?) is the Vessel Discipulus of Emorias Alba Malus Black. As a vessel, she is known as Ellai Amiseam B. Orlack (エライ・アミシーム・B・オールラック Erai Amishīmu B Ōrurakku?). She is later adopted by Umbra Nova Owen.


While containing the soul of Emorias, Ella is a very depressed, melancholic, and miserable person with a pessimistic outlook on life. However, when she does not contain Emorias's soul, she is a very fearful individual who has an intense fear of death, which is in contrast to her personality when he contains Emorias's soul, as she tries to commit suicide once. Upon being adopted by Owen, she becomes more emotional and childish.

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