Even Cuore

Even Cuore

Character Information
Full name Even Leonard Cuore
Katakana エヴェン・レナード・クオーレ
Romaji Even Renādo Kuōre
Gender Male
Age 91*
Species Human
Hair color White
Eye color Brown
Alias {{{alias}}}
Kingdom Nova
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Known Relationships
Father Horace Cuore
Mother Marilyn Breakspear
Partner Isadel Haier
Siblings Lawrence Cuore
Emma Warren
Mary Billingsgate
Hilbert Cuore
Millicent D'Alvertannon
Children Sebastian Cuore
Patricia Haliburton
Mary Luminis
Hilbert Cuore II
Family Dolores Destros*
Maria Luminis*
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Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances Destiny of the Light
Even Cuore (エヴェン・クオーレ Even Kuōre?)

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