The House of Destros is an ancient family that lived in the kingdoms of Shadra and Kalise for thousands of years. Notable relations to the House of Destros include King Anthony, Head Captain Christian, Demolt Destros, Jadus Destros, Degra Destros, Destati Destros, and very distantly, the Britannian Royal Family. The Destroses were the royal family of Shadra for over three thousand years, the majority of the kingdom's monarchs being a Destros or related to them. Their family crest is the symbol of Darkness, them having used their crest to make a tangible shape for the Dark Millennium Gummy. As of the present time, most Destroses are extinct, with the exception of the descendants of Odin and Saturnius Destros.


The Destros' origins can be traced back to Ins'Del, the discoverer of Darkness. Other then that, most of the Destros' origins are unknown up until Desuruzeru Destros' time. After the Night on Bald Mountain, the Destros' were given a bad name due to Jadus' actions of killing his father, brother, sister-in-law, and nephews (in actuallity, Destati survived and Degra, Dolores, Christian, and Anthony were frozen alive and were freed by Chiaroscuro Caeli one thousand years later), sending the world into Darkness, and dabbling into Darkness. To avoid persecution, Odin Destros moved his family to Nova and lived there for years until he died. His family illegally obtained possession of Qwerty injections and injected themselves and survived.


The known members of the house of Destros descended from Desuruzeru Destros (with the exclusion of Drastia Destros' descendants , who can be found on the Britannian Royal Family's page) are as listed. The Seeles are the descendants of Destino Destros who changed their last name to Seele.

Blood MembersEdit

Members by Marriage=Edit

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