Jadus Destros

Jadus Destros



Character Information
Full name Jadus Odin Destros
Katakana ジェイダス・オーディン・デストロス
Romaji Jeidasu Ōdin Desutorosu
Gender Male
Age 23*
Species Human
Hair color Black
Eye color Purple
Alias Ode
Kingdom Shadra
Weapon Sword*
Known Relationships
Father Destati Destros
Mother Mikelina Destros
Partner {{{partner}}}
Siblings Degra Destros
Demolt Destros
Children {{{children}}}
Family Dolores Destros*
Maria Luminis*
Christian Blanker*
Anthony Saturnalia*
Others {{{others}}}
Book Information
Role Antagonist
Appearances Kingdom of Hope
Darkened Millennium
The Comeback
Destiny of the Light
King Jadus Destros (ジェイダス・デストロス Jeidasu Desutorosu?) is the son of Lord-King Destati Destros the Awakened One, the Elemental Sage of the Dark, and leader of Mors Umbra. Jadus lived 1000 years ago as the prince of Shadra. He and his brother Demolt worked together so that they can inherit their father's power over Darkness. However, their father intended for Degra, Jadus and Demolt's brother, to inherit the Dark power. Jadus and Demolt then teamed up and froze Degra in ice and nearly killed their father to the point that he could not rule any more. However, Jadus and Demolt then fought in their arrogance about who will be Shadra's king and who shall inherit the Darkness and be the Elemental Sage of the Dark. Jadus and Demolt then fought with Jadus being the victor and Demolt being exiled out of Shadra. With Jadus as the new king of Shadra, he sparked the birth of Shadra, and its sucessor Kalise, to be a Dark kingdom for eternity. Jadus then assembled a group to conquer the world with. He called this group Mors Umbra. After terrorizing several kingdoms, he later encountered King Anthony from the future and fought him on Bald Mountain. After fighting him, he used the power of the Negative Zone to gain strength. However, he failed and suffered fatal injuries. He did not yet make the Dark Millennium Gummy yet, so he fled to Shadra Castle and entered the Elemental Shrine and created the Gummy and also purged his soul into the Gummy so that one day he can come back and rule the world. His body then faded into Darkness as he did this. Jadus died after creating his Millennium Gummy.

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