Karrudio Granhorrou

Karrudio Granhorrou

Karrudio Granhorrou (Hohlwelt)

Karrudio Granhorrou (Dark Release)

Karrudio Granhorrou (Death Release)

Character Information
Full name Karrudio Granhorrou
Katakana カルディオ・グランホロー
Romaji Karudio Guranhorō
Gender Male
Age 48*
Species Discipulus
Hair color White
Eye color Red
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Kingdom Hohlwelt
Weapon Hook
Known Relationships
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Mother {{{mother}}}
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Book Information
Role Antagonist
Appearances Dirge of the Sword
Children of Death
Lights of Darkness
Destiny of the Light
midnight years

Karrudio Granhorrou

Karrudio Granhorrou (カルディオ・グランホロー Karudio Guranhorō?) is a member of the original Derevya. He made an alliance with Alluberto Sabers and Vladimir Bobbisu to overthrow Faustus Viola as the king of the Looking Glass Palace. To do this, Karrudio, Alluberto, and Vladimir made their own army consisting of several Numbers. Karrudio's nine Numbers are Djarem Shiellker, Wyatt Unouolo, Garry Onil, Trixxie Gainersryaithesleigh, Spike Soberslaighn, Jun Kisaroku, Eduuard Oedor, Paaxis Byonko, and Randolph Narizroja. Vladimir Bobbisu was once one of Karrudio's Numbers.


Karrudio's Dark Release


Karrudio's appearance after leaving the Hohlwelt

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