Lexscione Scheer

Lexscione Scheer

Lexscione Scheer (Dark Release)

Character Information
Full name Lexscione Scheer
Katakana レクシオーン・シール
Romaji Rekushiōn Shīru
Gender Male
Age 35*
Species Discipulus
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Alias Franz Hopper
Kingdom Hohlwelt
Weapon Staff
Known Relationships
Father {{{father}}}
Mother {{{mother}}}
Partner Domally Arntz von Günther-Egersdörfer
Siblings {{{siblings}}}
Children {{{children}}}
Family {{{family}}}
Others Recione Franz Scheer-Blitzkrieg*
Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances Dirge of the Sword
midnight years

Lexscione Scheer (レクシオーン・シール Rekushiōn Shīru?), also known as Franz Hopper (フランツ・ホッパー Furantsu Hoppā?) is the Artificial Discipulus of Recione Franz Scheer-Blitzkrieg and is a member of the original Derevya. He was a secret operative while being a Derevya, using the alias "Franz Hopper". He wished to dethrone Faustus Viola and end strife between the Hohlwelt and the Real World.

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