Linus Sommers

Linus Sommers (ライナス・サマーズ Rainasu Samāzu?) is the "village fool" of the village of New Rome in Hope. Linus was once King Anthony's court jester but was fired when Linus said a rather vulgar and insulting joke. After being fired, Linus decided to act as silly and hilarious as he could to become King Anthony's court jester again. However, instead of pleasing King Anthony, Linus' limericks would instead annoy Anthony, and Anthony would be forced to call the Police Corps to arrest Linus. However, Linus would always somehow escape prison and find someway how to bother King Anthony. In Diavolo's War, Linus pretended he was a Shadow Manifestation and wore a black skin-tight suit with a black mask with glowing red eyes. As he approached King Anthony, Luke Vodobast rushed to protect King Anthony and immolated Linus, not knowing that he was a human.