Lucilius Crescentius

Lucilius Crescentius

Character Information
Full name Lucilius Indeclinatus Crescentius
Katakana ルシリアス・インデクリナタス・クレセンティアス
Romaji Rushiriasu Indekurinatasu Kuresentiasu
Gender Male
Age 45*
58 (chronologically 1058)*
59 (chronologically 1059)*
60 (chronologically 1060)*
Species Human
Hair color Grey
Eye color Blue
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Kingdom Shadra
Weapon Sword
Known Relationships
Father Dardanius Crescentius
Mother Propheta Illustrari
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Book Information
Role Antagonist
Appearances Kingdom of Hope
Darkened Millennium
The Comeback
Children of Death
Lights of Darkness
Destiny of the Light
midnight years

Lucilius Crescentius (ルシリアス・クレセンティアス Rushiriasu Kuresentiasu?)

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