Maria Luminis

Maria Luminis

Maria Luminis (Sage)

Maria Luminis (Soul)

Character Information
Full name Maria Ferra Luminis
Katakana マリア・フェラ・ルミニス
Romaji Maria Fera Ruminisu
Gender Female
Age 26*
Species Human
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Alias Maria Reinel*
Kingdom Nova
Weapon {{{weapon}}}
Known Relationships
Father Salvatore Luminis
Mother Mary Cuore
Partner Demolt Destros
Siblings Dolores Destros
Children Anthony Saturnalia
Family Christian Blanker*
Degra Destros*
Jadus Destros*
Concepta Owls*
Demolt Saturnalia*
Luminia Saturnalia*
Lilli Saturnalia*
Desmond Saturnalia*
Others {{{others}}}
Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances Destiny of the Light
Maria Luminis (マリア・ルミニス Maria Ruminisu?) is the Elemental Sage of Light and was the princess of Nova 1000 years ago. She is the fiancée of Demolt Destros, the daughter of Salvatore the Great, and the mother of King Anthony. She fell in love with Demolt after meeting him at a royal dinner party. Many years after meeting him, the two fell in love with each other and decided to get married. However, due to several wars taking taking place in Shadra, Maria wished not to raise a child there, but Demolt had to stay in Shadra because of his status. Maria had no choice but to leave Demolt and she fled to Nova where she was taken care of by her sister and brother in law, Dolores and Degra Destros, who lived in Nova. Nearly a year after, Marie gave birth to a child and also prematurely made the Light Millennium Gummy and died creating it.

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