Bienchaminn Phousvien (ビエンチャミン・フービエーン Bienchamin Fūbiēn?), also known as Pyrite (パイライト Pairaito?), is a Dark priest from the kingdom of Ajar. Bienchaminn was a childhood friend of Pierre and Gemme de la Punition. When Bienchaminn was in his adulthood, he joined Pierre's cult, along with Gemme, and another man named Onyx. After joining Pierre's cult, Bienchaminn adopted the name "Pyrite". About 20 years later, Pyrite, along with Obsidian, Amethyst, and Onyx, followed King Anthony to the Church Castle to deliver the Monstone Key. Much later, during the climax of Diablo's War, Pyrite betrayed Obsidian's cult and fought, and later killed, Onyx. He then sided with King Anthony for the rest of the battle until his death at the End of the World.