Madame Rose Tigress

Madame Rose Tigress (ローズ・タイグレス Rōzu Taiguresu?) is the leader of the Society of Ultimate Liability, Fairness, Unselfishness, and Rights, otherwise known as S.U.L.F.U.R.. She is a Prophologist, which means she studies the Prophecy. She invited King Anthony to Mt. Tainmoun, the S.U.L.F.U.R. headquarters to discuss the Prophecy and the Millennium Gummies. After King Anthony discovered the Wood Millennium Gummy, Tigress left for a week because of a long meeting with the World Order. She returned after several other Gummies were found. After all of the Gummies were found and King Antony became Destros, she took rule of Hope with Commander Donald. She eventually gets married to Spazzo Gibbous.

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