Selma Cosmoclave

Character Information
Full name Selma Monica Cosmoclave
Katakana セルマ・モニカ・コスモクレイブ
Romaji Seruma Monika Kosumokureibu
Gender Female
Age 22*
24 (chronologically 54)*
Species Human
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
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Kingdom Hope
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Known Relationships
Father Phio Cosmoclave
Mother Columbia Usbine
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Siblings Cendrillina Cosmoclave
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Family Daanidio Usbine*
Cedrilla Usbine*
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Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances In Between: the Anthology
Heart of the Universe
Rebellion: Lost
Selma Cosmoclave (セルマ・コスモクレイブ Seruma Kosumokureibu?)