Queen Sorbet

Queen Sorbet Glyndwr (ソルベ・グリンドワー Sorube Gurindowā?) is the queen of Cassia and is also the descendant of Gilda and King Cryius IV. She allowed King Anthony and Madame Smith to find the Water Millennium Gummy but they could only keep it if they showed it to her after finding it. However, after showing the Gummy to her, she stole it and threw Anthony and Smith into the dungeon. After escaping the dungeon, Anthony and Smith ran to Sorbets's throne room only to find her with a spear pointing at the Gummy, threatening to destroy it if they approach it. That night, a mysterious, silver armor wearing figure took the gummy and placed in King Anthony's bedroom while he was sleeping. The day later, after finding out that the Gummy was stolen, Sorbet put Cassia on red alert and had police forces everywhere to find the person that stole the Gummy. Much later, during Diablo's War, Sorbet fought against King Anthony and used the power of Water to fight with. She was later killed by Queen Lassi, King Pico, King Chai, and King Mokka.