Umbra Nova Owen

Character Information
Full name Delphinus Lux Nigra Black
Katakana デルフィナス・ラックス・ニグラ・ブラック
Romaji Derufinasu Rakkusu Nigura Burakku
Gender Male
Age 4769*
Species Huma
Hair color White
Eye color Yellow
Alias Carl Lloyd Oak
Umbra Nova Owen
Kingdom Radians
Weapon Energy blades
Known Relationships
Father Quis Maiestatis
Mother Sancta Mater
Partner Delia Alain
Janinne Kremerar
Siblings Emorias Black
Eridanus Black
Children Daniela Oak
Eliana Oak
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Others {{{others}}}
Book Information
Role Main Protagonist
Appearances The Ultimate Existence

Delphinus Lux Nigra Black (デルフィナス・ラックス・ニグラ・ブラック Derufinasu Rakkusu Nigura Burakku?), most commonly known as Umbra Nova Owen (ウンブラ・ノヴァ・オーウェン Unbura Nova Ōuen?), is the main protagonist of The Ultimate Existence. He is the second-in-seat to the Unknown throne. He is the leader of the Infinity. He is the son of the Unknown Leader and the brother of Emorias Alba Malus Black.


Owen is a very determined individual who strives hard to obtain his goal of universal peace. He is very stern and serious and has a dry sense of humor. He has a very strong sense of justice. He cares very deeply for his Infinity and he cared very much for his family. He expresses a deep hatred for Emorias and Ins'Del.


Umbra is a Latin word meaning "shadow". Nova is a Latin word meaning "new". Owen is a name of Welsh origin that means "noble-born".

Delphinus is the name of a constellation and is Latin for "dolphin". Lux is a Latin word meaning "light". Nigra is a Latin word meaning "black".


  • Despite being associated with the Light, Owen shows rather Dark-seeming displays, such as wearing black armor, looking very grim and sinister, and appearing and disappearing in black mist when teleporting. He also possesses the power of the Black Bell.
  • His alias, Umbra Nova Owen, is based on the alias of the character known as U.N. Owen from Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None.
  • His first name being the name of a constellation and his last name being Black is a homage to the naming traditions of the House of Black from Harry Potter.

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