Wolfgang the Terrible

Wolfgang Eldes (ウルフギャング・エルデス Urufugyangu Erudesu?) is a pirate and is the grandson of Ahrde Eldes the Terrible. Wolfgang met and befriended Culluh Q. Dukat when both were robbing the same store. They became close friends and robbed and rampaged villages together. One day, they both encountered a cloaked figure who invited them to cleanse the world. Later, Wolfgang and Dukat both entered the man's group, the Tribe of Darkness. Later, during Diablo's War, Wolfgang fights Captain Commander Donald and later flees when Diablo sends a surge of Darkness into their direction. Wolfgang later assists Donald fight Diablo and saves his life from peril. He later decides to fight alongside Donald and Dukat until his death at the End of the World.

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