Zetsunus Crane

Zetsunus Crane

Character Information
Full name Zetsunus Beowulf ne Jahangir Dane ad Vhilaty
Katakana ゼツナス・ベオウルフ・ネ・ジャハーンギール・デイン・アド・ヴァイラティー
Romaji Zetsunasu Beōrufu ne Jahāngīru Dein ado Vairatī
Gender Male
Age 25*
Species Human
Hair color Blonde with blue highlights
Eye color Blue
Alias Zetsunus Crane
Kingdom Dane
Weapon Sword
Known Relationships
Father Jahangir ne Dane
Mother Alice Dakota
Partner Michellotte Amberflame
Siblings {{{siblings}}}
Children Euphemia Crane
Family {{{family}}}
Others {{{others}}}
Book Information
Role Protagonist
Appearances The Ultimate Existence
In Between: the Anthology
Fate's Awakening

Zetsunus Crane (ゼツナス・クレーン Zetsunasu Kurēn?) is a commander of the Infinity. He was once used briefly as a vessel for Emorias Alba Malus Black.


  • Zetsunus's theme song chosen by L. Anthem is "Uneven Odds" by Sleeping at Last.

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